Razak Testonex C250 Testosterone Cypionate
  • Razak Testonex C250 Testosterone Cypionate
  • Razak Testonex C250 Testosterone Cypionate

Razak Testonex C250 Testosterone Cypionate


Active substance: testosterone cypionate

Source: Razak

Packaging: 250 mg / ml, 10x1 ml

Active time: 17 days

Average doses: 250-500 mg every 5-7 days

Purpose: Increasing strength and muscle mass

Action: 8-9 days

Dosage length: 8-10 weeks

Detectability: up to 3 months

HPTA blocking: Yes

Unlocking: HCG, Clomid, Tamoxifen


For Bodybuilders, Testosterone Cipionate is the ultimate testosterone and is considered iconic. Those using Testosterone Razak Testonex C250 speak about better results than after using enanthate, which should be treated with caution. The one who believes that Testosterone Cipionat is more effective than Enantat is wrong or has taken over the outdated views from the older generation. It can be assumed that everything that has been written about Testosterone Enantat also applies to Testosterone Cipionat. Beginners inject, as mentioned at the beginning, 200/250 mg once a week. Depending on the purpose, the dose may be increased to 400/500 mg per week. Advanced and heavyweight athletes use 400/500 mg every five days. Who is not enough or has the ambition to compete, injects up to 1000 mg per week and achieves high weight gain and strength. Here, the treatment should cover at least 16 weeks, better still 6 months to get a solid muscle substance. Short-term treatments, lasting 6-8 weeks, usually end in excessive water accumulation, which means that achievements after discontinuation are lost. Weekly doses above 1000 mg are often observed among professionals as well as world-class athletes.

1000-2000 mg Testosterone Cipionate weekly in combination with growth hormone, possibly also insulin, and in addition Nandrolone Decanoat form a mixture that is successfully used by this group during the weight gain phase. Women are strongly discouraged from using all kinds of long-acting testosterones. Women who would like to test the strength of testosterone are recommended to use a tester with a short duration of use, such as Propionate. Extended post-treatment therapy is recommended here. Two weeks before the end of therapy, the use of FICG should be considered followed by dosing of Clomifen and / or Tamoxifen Citrat.

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