Razak Sustanex 250 Testosterone Blend Sustanon
  • Razak Sustanex 250 Testosterone Blend Sustanon
  • Razak Sustanex 250 Testosterone Blend Sustanon

Razak Sustanex 250 Testosterone Blend Sustanon


Active substance:

testosterone propionian 30 mg

testosterone fenylopropionian 60 mg

testosterone izokapronian 60 mg

testosterone dekanonian 100 mg

Source: Razak

Packaging: 250 mg / ml, 10x1 ml

Active time: 17 days

Average doses: 250-500 mg every 5-7 days

Purpose: Increasing strength and muscle mass

Action: 8-9 days

Dosage length: 8-10 weeks

Detectability: up to 3 months

HPTA blocking: Yes

Unlocking: HCG, Clomid, Tamoxifen


Razak Sustanex 250 is a testosterone blend consisting of various testosterone esters, which work in succession and has a constant and long duration of action. The combination, such as in the well-known preparation Omnadren 250 from Phatrma Swiss once Jelfa or Sustanon 250 from Organon works immediately due to the participation of Testosterone Propionate, while Testosterone Decanoat guarantees effectiveness for 3-4 weeks. For the patient, this means one injection per month. For athletes, however, the use of a testosterone mixture has two sides. There is a prolonged action here, which is beneficial especially in the mass gain phase, but the problem in this combination is the uneven level of the active substance. Unlike Testosterone Enantat or Cipionat, the active substance level of the mix reaches a strong peak in the shortest possible time (Peak) within the suprafizlological area due to the propionate and phenylpropionate esters. The higher this point, the stronger the possible side effects are. So it is completely incomprehensible why many bodybuilders say that a mix of different testosterone esters has more advantages compared to single substances. It should rather be assumed that these outdated views are still widespread, according to which preparations such as "Sustanon 250" or Polish "Omnadren 250" give a better "kick" and substances act synergistically with each other.

Claims that "Sustanon 250" draws less water than testosterone enanthate or cipionate should be put in between cartoons.

Equally absurd is the claim that "Omnadren" accumulates more water than "Sustanon 250". Admittedly, the old version of Polfa Omnadren contained more esters with a short-term effect, which causes a higher peak, which would explain the increased water accumulation. The new version of Jelfa's Omnadren has the same composition, however, so that this claim is no longer valid. In addition, there is still the view among bodybuilders that supposedly the Polish "Omnadren" is contaminated, which is also not true. The pharmaceutical company "Jelfa" as an EU member is obliged to comply with strict regulations.

The Sustanon 250 and Omnadren 250 mixes are compared below. As you can easily tell, there is no difference in their performance. Despite the negative side effects described, the testosterone mixes have not lost anything in popularity. In part, the reason for this is the false views mentioned, and another decisive reason is usually the more favorable purchase price over testosterone enanthate and cipionate. In particular, strength sports athletes who do not care about their appearance and first want to use strong androgenic effect, supporting strength, use testosterone mixes in a dose of 1000 mg per week. But bodybuilders also use preparations like "Sustanon 250" and "Omnadren" to gain weight and strength.

Although a significant part of the newly obtained mass consists of water and fat, which, however, does not deter many users.

Regarding possible side effects when using testosterone mixes, these include especially oily skin, acne, hair loss on the head, hair growth on the body, cardiovascular load, increased aggression, prostate hypertrophy and gynecomastia. These symptoms can be reduced by using Finasteride ("Proscar" / "Propecia"). However, Finasteride only has an effect on the type II enzyme, which first affects the prostate and scalp. You can stop hair loss and prostate hypertrophy. However, the side effects that type I causes this enzyme, such as oily skin and acne with finasteride, cannot be reduced. To this end, a combination substance called Dutasteride, which inhibits both enzymes, is recommended.

Since 5 alpha reductase inhibiting substances increase estrogen levels, an aromatase inhibiting substance such as anastrozole or zinc should also be taken. 1 mg finasteride and 0.25-0.5 mg anastrozole daily are usually sufficient for doses up to 750 mg testosterone per week. Who wants, if possible, a uniform level of active substances, and therefore minor side effects with somewhat solid muscle growth, this should use single substances such as Testosterone Enantat, Propionate or Cipionat. Heavyweight athletes who only care about weight can try "Sustanon 250" or "Omnadren". In this case, the treatment should be at least 12 weeks to ensure that at least part of the mass obtained will consist of a muscular substance. Short application periods of only 6-8 weeks for testosterone mixes increase body weight and increase muscle volume primarily as a result of strong fluid retention, but not as a result of actual muscle growth.

Therefore, for Sustanon 250 and Omnadren 250, it would be best to keep the dosage at a moderate level, but to increase the duration of use.

Depending on individual needs, this period may range from 3 months to one year. Beginners can inject 250 mg every 10 days. Depending on expectations, this dose may be increased to 500 mg every 10 days. Weight gain treatment should last at least 12-16 weeks. However, it should be made clear that beginners who are interested in testosterone will achieve better results using Testosterone Enantat or the choice of short-acting Testosterone Propionate. Side effects for these two esters will be smaller compared to the testosterone mix and more robust muscle growth will occur.

Advanced athletes and bodybuilders hobbyists inject 500 mg every 5-7 days. It is good to plan the length of treatment for at least 12-16 weeks. It would also be possible to add a steroid acting primarily anabolic like Nandrolone Decanoat or Boldenone Undecylenate. Professionals and ambitious athletes usually use 1000 mg per week, in exceptional cases up to 2000 mg, but only during the weight gain phase. Growth hormone, nandrolone decanoate and possibly insulin are often added. During the diet or in preparation for the championships, the use of testosterone mixes makes absolutely no sense, because it is difficult to solve the problem of excessive accumulation of water. Women are absolutely not recommended for the testosterone mix due to its long duration of action and possible cumulative effect. If anything, short-acting testosterone propionate is at stake.

As for the intervals of injection, you can choose them freely, because when using the testosterone mix anyway, you will not achieve an even level of active substance.

Either way, there will be a cumulation effect. Because testosterone has a strong effect on its own production, intensive therapy should be carried out after a cycle of use. Two weeks before the end of the treatment, you may consider using HCG for testicular contraction. Shortly after completing the treatment, you should start using Clomifen and / or Tamoxifen Citrat and anti-catabolic substances such as vitamin C, acetylsalicylic acid, Clenbuterol / Ephedrine.

It is just as good to use creatine and glutamine and an aromatizing suppressant to reduce estrogen and guarantee rapid regeneration of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testis axis. "Sustanon 250" and "Omnadren 250" are generally better than Testosterone Enantat.

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