Razak Stanex i50 Stanozolol Depot 10 Amp Steroids
  • Razak Stanex i50 Stanozolol Depot 10 Amp Steroids

Stanozolol Depot Razak Stanex i50 10 Amp


Active substance: stanozolol

Source: Razak, Iran

Packaging: 50 mg/ml ,10x1 ml

Active time: up to 48 hours

Average doses: 50mg every other / third day

Purpose: strength, sculpture, definition

Action: strongly felt from ~ 10 days

Dosage length: 4-6 weeks

Detectability: up to 2 months (depot)

Properties: highly anabolic, low androgenic, DHT derivative, no aromatization, toxic in high doses

HPTA blocking: low

Unlocking: 12h after last inj


Stanex 50 or stanozolol razak is a well-liked steroid in many sports, e.g. was used by Ben Johnson. It is a good steroid if we use it properly. This is also important because injections are more effective than tablets.

Good results can be achieved after 50mg / week. It is good before competitions, along with a low-calorie diet (rich in protein) gives high quality muscle. In general, it accelerates the process of protein synthesis in the body, has a very low androgenic effect. It causes large increases in strength and to a small degree in mass. It is found in the form of intramuscular injections and in tablets. It is a drug created more in terms of sport than medicine. Has low side effects compared to other steroids. It is used 2-4 times a week 50mg (injections), or 10-20 mg daily (tablets).

Water retention and a decrease in muscle mass is rare, it can only be seen when you stop taking it. Athletes who care about building mass and strength often use Stanozolol with Metanabolone, Testosterone and Nandrolone (100mg Stanozolol / week, 200mg Nandrolone / week). Older athletes and steroid novices can achieve good results after WINSTROL DEPOT with DECA-DURABOLIN. When they take it in the right doses, side effects will not occur.

Side effects: low voice, male symptoms. Effects in men and women: headaches, changes in HDL and LDL levels, cramps and in rare cases increased blood pressure. Since it is dissolved in water, it is more painful. There are a lot of fakes. The original specifics can be seen that the substance is separated from the water. The color of the fake is milky, white. The original Spanish WINSTROL has a brown print on the ampoule. The price of 50 mg WINSTROL DEPOT varies between 10 and 15 USD on the "black market". In the USA, it is produced only for veterinary purposes.

It has many forms, Tablets are less effective than injections. Since the tablets are 17-alpha, they have a negative effect on the liver. The reason for many unpleasant effects is that athletes do not take adequate doses. The fact is that Stanozolol depot injections are taken at doses of 50-100 mg / week, and tablets are often taken arbitrarily. Some take 2mg and others take 12-25 tablets a day. One 2mg tablet costs $ 0.70 to $ 1 on the "black market". Gastrointestinal pain and liver disease may occur during prolonged use.

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